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Hello there, ready to wear?

If you live in hotter climates like me you would relate to this extremely hot season I like to call “High-summer” where you almost only can bare to wear flip flops and sundresses.

And just before the transition of seasons, comes the refreshing enjoyment of my colorful shoe wardrobe. Let's take a journey to the world of summer shoes.

The playful patterns, bright colors, and the sheer joy of embracing stylish and carefree footwear—there's something about summer style that's simply irresistible.

This summer, I've taken a deep dive into my Mediterranean roots and allowed the sun, sea, and sand to influence my shoe style.

Neutral set for a cool day out

My go to? Comfort coupled with vibrant colors and playful patterns, echoing the joyous spirit of summer.

I want to share my favorite footwear picks for the season that I believe perfectly encapsulate the essence of summer.

So, let's put our best foot forward and dive into the world of summer shoes!

Slide into Elegance with Designer Slides

One can never underestimate the timeless appeal of designer slides. They blend comfort and elegance effortlessly, making them the perfect footwear for those summer soirées or a casual day out. This season, I'm all in for my comfy Loeffler Randall’s or my chic Malone Souliers slides, which bring together neutral hues and style while still being comfy, i love pairing them with fun dresses like this Norma Kamali classic.

Espadrilles - The Breezy Beauties Espadrilles,

With their woven sole and canvas body, capture the spirit of the Mediterranean like no other footwear. This summer, I'm favoring my beige go-to ones I got ages ago just like these- a perfect match for your favorite summer dress or a relaxed beach look.

The Chic Comfort of Mules

Mules are an ode to convenience and style. I'm currently loving the woven and rattan mules from Seychelles which add a unique rustic charm to any outfit - be it a casual jeans-tee duo or a breezy summer dress.

Strappy Sandals - The Minimalist Magic

Strappy sandals continue to rule the summer footwear scene with their minimalist elegance. This season, I'm favoring Seychelles sandals in vibrant hues - the perfect pop of color for any summer outfit!

Jelly Shoes - A Nostalgic Comeback

Who else remembers the joy of donning a pair of jelly shoes as a kid? Well, they're back, and I'm absolutely loving the nostalgic twist they're adding to my summer style.

These Melissa waterproof wonders are not only delightful and fashionable but also the ideal companions for a day at the beach or pool. This year, Melissa is making a significant comeback with their collaboration alongside Telfar, adding even more allure to their appeal.

Summer fashion is all about embracing vibrant hues, fun patterns, and comfortable styles. Before the summer ends allow your footwear to reflect the vibrant spirit of summer and add a dash of playful elegance to your style.

This blog includes affiliate links, which may result in earning a commission from purchases. Your support is appreciated.

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My Style Evolution: The Journey Behind There To Wear

Hello, and welcome to There To Wear, a space where I share how style becomes a guiding force in everyday life. Here, we'll delve into the little things that make us who we are, driving our preferences, and molding our unique styles.

Life Under The Sun

Here I am, residing in a sunny coastal town, living life to the rhythm of the rolling waves. Yet, sometimes, I find myself yearning for the allure of chilly winter weather - curling up in cozy layers, savoring a cup of hot cocoa, and cherishing the chance to adopt a different seasonal style.

The Mediterranean in Me

My Mediterranean roots beat strongly within me, shaping my sense of style. The energy of lively colors, the captivating allure of the coastal lifestyle, and the tactile richness of various textures - all these elements are intertwined in my personal style narrative.

A Patchwork of Experiences

Thanks to my ever-evolving job, I've traversed countries, experienced diverse cultures, and met unique individuals. Therefore as modern-day nomad, I've gathered style influences from different corners of the world, meeting remarkable individuals along the way. All these experiences have shaped my style and personal growth, enriching my life in ways unimaginable. These encounters have created a mosaic of experiences that I'm eager to share with you, shaping my personal style and leading me on a different style journey.

From Reel To Real

My journey through film, television, and corporate communications has provided me with unique insights into visual storytelling. These experiences permeate the stories I share here at There To Wear, influencing the unique content that encapsulates my evolving style.

The Touch of Grace

My mother, with her innate grace and elegance, has been my constant style inspiration. Even through humble beginnings, she taught me the value of personal style that transcends mere material possessions. Her influence still guides my approach to style at There To Wear.

Effortless Elegance: Transforming My Wardrobe with Tailor-Made Style

My husband's sartorial influence, and his meticulous approach towards curating his wardrobe has been nothing short of inspiring. His dedication to investing in high-quality, tailor-made clothes is a testament to his belief that style is personal and timeless. It's a thoughtful process, one that doesn't prioritize trends, but rather individuality and longevity. This approach has not only elevated his personal style, but also imbued our shared style narrative with the belief that investing in quality, personalized pieces can truly enhance one's style journey. It's about savouring the bespoke, the well-made, the pieces that fit not just our bodies, but our identities. After all, it's not merely about the clothes we wear, but the life we lead in them.

Graceful Presence: Finding Mindfulness Inspired by My Cats

Immersing ourselves in the world of graceful presence, let's turn to an unlikely but profound source of inspiration: my cats. Their mindful existence, brimming with undisturbed tranquility and effortless grace, serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty in the present moment. Let's celebrate their intuitive wisdom, embracing their lessons to lead a more mindful, contented life - in tune with the rhythm of the present, just like our feline friends.

The There To Wear Style Mission

At There To Wear, my objective is to offer engaging content that mirrors my passion for style, lifestyle, and personal expression. Together, we'll explore minimalist home aesthetics, curate styles for diverse occasions, and find everyday luxury in our ordinary moments.

Here, you're encouraged to express your individual style. The "There" embodies our pursuit of exploration, while "Wear" stands for the personal style that permeates all aspects of our lives.

Celebrating Style

Let's celebrate the diverse aspects of style - from our wardrobe to our experiences, and personal growth. This space is dedicated to exploring the endless possibilities of self-expression.

Join the There To Wear Journey

Ready to embark on your personal style exploration? Join me in this style journey at There To Wear Let's celebrate our individual styles, uncover the joy of self-expression, and together, discover that style isn't about the clothes we wear, but rather a reflection of who we are.

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